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Lochaber House, High StreetFort WilliamInverness-shirePH33 6ELScotland, UK

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Highland Council (Lochaber)
The Administration of The Highland Council, comprising members of the Independent, Liberal Democrat and Labour Groups, has produced a programme of action, which sets out its priorities between 2009-11 for making the Highlands one of Europe's leading regions.  
The Administration aims to create sustainable communities with more balanced population growth and economic development across the Highlands and to build a fairer and healthier Highlands. The Programme contains a total of 93 commitments across five main themes and a further 18 actions to work with the Scottish and UK Governments. This includes 45 new or enhanced actions and six new commitments to take to Government 
Fort William and Ardnamurchan is one of 22 wards within the Highland area and is served by 4 councillors. It has a population of 11,356 with the main centres being Fort William, Ballachulish, Kinlochleven and Strontian. Click the map image for a more detailed view of the ward. 
Dot Ferguson, Ward Manager, will ensure the efficient delivery of services within the ward and work with other agencies and community groups to maximise available funds. She will also administer the local Ward Forum, which will comprise the four ward councillors as well as a representative from the police and community partners. 
There are 3 Service Points within the ward which will generally be your first point of contact with the Council. If a visit is not suitable, please call our Service Centre on 01349 868527. Or email service.point@highland.gov.uk. You can also use this website to report faults, to make enquiries or to complain about the Council's performance. 
This ward is served by 18 primary schools which feed 3 secondary schools. There are also 4 libraries. The links on the right hand side of this page give access to further information about this ward including recycling facilities and transport links. 

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