Lochaber Rugby Club

The Clubhouse, BanavieFort WilliamPH33 7LXScotland, UK

Tel: 01397 772672

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Our club was formed in 1969 by a group of rugby lovers/enthusiasts. Over the years they gradually managed to encourage some of the locals to give this magnificent game a try.

The clubs turning point was in 1984, with the local council commissioning an official rugby pitch. Over the next three years, the players and committee members put in a huge amount of hard work, with wives holding bakingstalls outside the Post Office, sponsored events and various other fundraisers with the aim of building a 'Pavillion' for the players to change and shower in.

The first clubhouse was erected by the club players/members in what free time they had available and the official opening our first clubhouse took place in 1988, a very proud and memorable day.

This building was only ever thought of as 'temporary' and was replaced by this one in the picture above, with much improved facilities, which was officially opened in September 1997.

We are a small friendly club, with a reputation for good food and Highland Hospitality.

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