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Cruise to the islands of Eigg, Muck or Rum on Scotland's west coast on board MV Sheerwater and enjoy the varied wildlife and spectacular views. 
The Sheerwater is skippered by Ronnie Dyer. With nearly 30 years' experience in these waters, onboard our current vessel and her predecessors, Ronnie is well respected among local boat and wildlife operators. His wealth of knowledge about the bird and sea life around the Arisaig area has earned him a well-deserved reputation for finding whales! 
Sailing with Ronnie on the Sheerwater, you are highly likely to have sightings of Minke Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise, Basking Sharks, Otters, Puffins, Shearwaters and much more. Lucky visitors have also enjoyed some of the less frequent sightings of Killer Whales, Sea and Golden Eagles. 
That's part of the joy of a trip on the Sheerwater - you never know what you will see. Rest assured, though, that if there is anything to be seen, Ronnie will know about it.

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