Treasures of the Earth

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Treasures of the Earth
Welcome to Treasures of the Earth, Europe’s finest private collection of Crystals, Gemstones and Fossils.

You will be amazed by this incredible display, which took nature more than 500 Million years to create.

Housed in an atmospheric simulation of caves, caverns and mining scenes, you will find crystals over a meter tall and geodes over 7 feet tall; fossilised remains from tiny insects trapped in amber to vicious prehistoric monsters like our fossil Mosasaur.

See real Gold and Silver, ancient Petrified Wood, Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds.

Learn about the largest Gold Nugget ever discovered and the History of the Scottish Gold Rush, and watch crystals magically change colour and glow in our UV Cave.

Come, experience the magic, and wonder which will leave the whole family in awe!

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